Inspired by his father and older brother, both accomplished martial artists, Monitor Macaco (Instructor Joshua Ivey) began studying martial arts at the age of 13. Following his older brother’s footsteps, in 2003 Macaco went to his first Capoeira class and was immediately hooked. 2 years prior to Macaco going to his first Capoeira class, which required some convincing from his older brother who had started teaching a local class at Cal State San Bernardino, Macaco would sneak into his brothers room and "borrow" his Berimbau to practice with CDs and VHS videos he would also "borrow" from his brothers collection. With Capoeira already calling him He was truly drawn in by the percussive and powerful music of Capoeira, as well as the expressive, fast, and playful movements. He has trained under multiple teachers and styles of capoeira, He says he knew he was now truly dedicated to the art especially because he could not stay away from training.

In 2007, Macaco joined the group Cordão de Ouro, and is now under the supervision of Mestre (Master) Chicote based in Paris, France. Interested in exploring the practical fighting aspect martial arts, Macaco started participating in amateur MMA (mixed martial arts) from 2008 to 2009 with great success. Sadly December 2nd of 2010 Macaco was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure (Kidney Failure) Which resulted in him needing to receive kidney dialysis 3 times a week. In the beginning things were extremely difficult,  the changes his body went through following diagnosis prevented him from training due to arm and leg atrophy as a result of treatment, medication effects and not being able to be active the few weeks he was in the hospital. 3 months later Macaco began to use Capoeira as a form of rehab to regain both his mental and physical strength as well as over all mobility over the course of 6 months.  Confident in his abilities, the healing and functionality of Capoeira, he decided to return to training and teaching Capoeira. In 2014, he was promoted to the rank of Monitor (an instructor of Capoeira). He has helped run several successful branches of CDO in California, has taught workshops all over California and in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has trained with Mestres all over the world.

Moving to the Central Coast of California June 2017, he is excited to begin a new adventure as the head instructor of Cordão de Ouro Central Coast, and invites you come to your first class to learn about the art of Capoeira.


Bring loose fitting clothing ,water and snacks. No shorts unless told otherwise. 

Be on time (or perhaps before the class/workshop/event starts) Arriving to class earlier will help in many ways such as changing to training gear, paying for the classes, reading new announcements, stretching, tuning into the mood of that day at the academy, or connecting with the teachers and students. Help in anyway needed if requested or if your common sense tells you to do so.

Be conscious, courteous and thoughtful. Welcome newcomers and help beginners when needed. In our group everyone can help anyone. Potentially the hierarchy or belt ranking will be a determining factor to who needs more or less help. Remember that at anytime you are allowed to make a mistake! Motivate and encourage yourself and others to perceive improvement and change what needed in order to promote such improvement and growth and maintain the standards of our capoeira lineage

Be clean and considerate (make sure to wear clean capoeira attire, always clip your toe nails, cover any cuts or open wounds with appropriate first-aid dressings), maintain good personal hygiene.

Explain and relate all that is necessary to the person in charge. Greet the teachers upon arrival and announce to the teachers in class if you need to leave the room or leave the class even if the official class time has passed. Advise any or all our teachers of any physical limitations or personal concerns that you may have in regards to the activities you are requested to perform.


Students from schools are welcome but please contact Monitor Macaco at (909) 436 6318 or at before visiting.