Inspired by his father and older brother, both accomplished martial artists, Joshua Ivey (Instrutor Macaco) began studying martial arts at the age of 13. Following his older brother’s footsteps, in 2003 Macaco went to his first Capoeira class and was immediately hooked. 2 years prior to Macaco going to his first Capoeira class, which required some convincing from his older brother who had started teaching a local class at Cal State San Bernardino, Macaco would sneak into his brothers room and "borrow" his Berimbau to practice with CDs and VHS videos he would also "borrow" from his brother’s collection. With Capoeira already calling him, he was truly drawn in by the percussive and powerful music of Capoeira, as well as the expressive, fast, and playful movements. He has trained under multiple teachers and styles of capoeira. He says he knew he was now truly dedicated to the art especially when he could not stay away from training.

In 2007, Macaco joined the group Cordão de Ouro, and is now under the supervision of Mestre (Master) Chicote based in Paris, France. Interested in exploring the practical fighting aspect martial arts, Macaco started participating in amateur MMA (mixed martial arts) from 2008 to 2009 with great success. Sadly December 2nd of 2010 Macaco was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure (Kidney Failure) Which resulted in him needing to receive kidney dialysis 3 times a week. In the beginning things were extremely difficult,  the changes his body went through following diagnosis prevented him from training due to arm and leg atrophy as a result of treatment, medication effects and not being able to be active the few weeks he was in the hospital. 3 months later Macaco began to use Capoeira as a form of rehab to regain both his mental and physical strength as well as over all mobility over the course of 6 months.  Confident in his abilities, the healing and functionality of Capoeira, he decided to return to training and teaching Capoeira. In 2018, he was promoted to the rank of Instructor. He has helped run several successful branches of CDO in California, has taught workshops all over California and in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has trained with Mestres all over the world.

Moving to the Central Coast of California June 2017, he is excited to begin a new adventure as the head instructor of Cordão de Ouro Central Coast, and invites you come to your first class to learn about the art of Capoeira.



Mestre Chicote began Capoeira at the age of ten years old by playing in the streets. Then, noticed by Mestre Matias (today in Switzerland), he started to train in the group Berimbau de Ouro. In 1996, he became part of group Cordão De Ouro and has never looked back. He's traveled all of Brazil, gaining knowledge from many Mestres and enriching his diversity in the art and culture of Capoeira. All the while he's maintained a successful Cordão De Ouro branch within Patos de Minas (Minas Gerais). This social and educational project makes it possible for several teenagers to be fully invested and to reach high levels, such as Professor Piolho, Instructor Tizil, Tineca, Dino... and many others who, in Chicote's absence, have taken charge of the overseeing of this project and are continuing to make it a grand success.

Once Chicote arrived in the US In 2001, he settled in Iowa, where he taught Capoeira for the Plain Club of the local university (Cedar Falls). This is a project founded and maintained by Jill Hartleip, Instrutora Pulginha. He continued to contribute to the establishment of Cordão De Ouro in the Midwest by assisting with the arrival of Contra Mestre Denis (2003) and Instructor Xara (2004). He then made his way west to California where he established other schools being led by his teachers in LA, Oakland, Emeryville, Vallejo ,South Korea, and Central Coast. Contra-Mestres Berinjela and Xangô, ProfessorZumbi , Instructor Cozinhero, Instructora Menina, Instrctor Coxinha, and Monitor Macaco  are currently leading branches of his schools.

A subsequent course of events led him to France where he settled in Paris in March 2005. He began sharing his knowledge and his experience with the pupils of The Association of Capoeira Cordão De Ouro – Paris. He invited then Contra Mestre Piolho to join him in France. Since their arrival in France, the Cordão de Ouro capoeira - Paris branch has flourished and enjoyed several successful events and a substantially growing contingent of students.



Master Suassuna, is one of best known and talented
names in the history of capoeira!

He began the apprenticeship as a boy in his hometown, Itabuna-BA, because of a muscular problem in his legs that forced him to practice some sport.

At this time, attended street rodas where great capoeiristas were in the region, such as Masters Sururu, Bigode de Arame and Maneca Brandão.

To get more knowledge, occasionally he´s travelled to Salvador, where attended the most famous terraces of capoeira of Bahia.

The Masters Bimba, Canjiquinha, Pastinha, Waldemar, Caicara and some others, teachers have become the reference to develop their work, the first two were the most prominently and that became to diploma it in the future, recognizing his work as a teacher.

In 1965, Master Suassuna came to São Paulo in 1967 and created the Cordão de Ouro group together with Master Brasilia in Vila Mariana, following the same way of ACRESI (Academia Regional de Itabúna) that would become ACRESP.

There are in the hall of the big names that working for capoeira and capoeiristas.



Mestre Duas Duzias

Originalmente de Minas Gerais, Cristiano Silva, também conhecido como "Duas Duzias" começou a Capoeira em novembro, em 1996, no grupo Raízes Cordão de Ouro sob a orientação do Instrutor Mingau, aluno do Mestre Zé Paulo. Quando o grupo Raízes Cordão de Ouro se dividiu,em 2000, ele começou a liderar grupo Cordão de Ouro em Viçosa juntamente com outros instrutores.

A fim de prosseguir maior aprendizado, ele se mudou para Honolulu em 2008, onde começou a ensinar Capoeira no grupo Cordão de Ouro Hawaii. 

Ele recebeu o título de Professor" em 2010 pelo Mestre Acordeon, Mestre Urubu Malandro e Mestre Chicote em Berkley, Califórnia. Então, em dezembro de 2011, recebeu o título de "Contra-mestre" em Viçosa, Minas Gerais, Brasil, do Mestre Fuinha.
Ele atualmente reside em Viçosa, Brasil, onde desenvolve diversos trabalhos com a comunidade local.

Mestre Xango

Inspired by a childhood friend who was a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Professor Xangô decided to take up martial arts. He made arrangements to begin receiving instruction on a private basis when his friend convinced him to attend a capoeira class being given at a Detroit area YMCA. They began on 9/13/96 and it quickly became the driving force in Xangô's life. He trained rigorously for several years until the local teacher stopped teaching capoeira. Around that same time, through a series of fortuitous circumstances, Xangô was invited to California to participate in a month long series of capoeira performances in San Francisco. It was this experience that inspired him to stay in California, train hard, and make Capoeira his life's work. He trained for several more years under a graduated student of Mestre Suassuna, where he began his teaching responsibilities at several elementary and junior high schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

During this time, Xangô traveled to several states in the US as well as other countries, where he performed, taught or assisted in teaching special Capoeira workshops. In April of 2003, Xangô began training with Contra Mestre Chicote with the blessing and guidance of Mestre Suassuna. Since that time Xangô has represented Contra Mestre Chicote's work and teachings in events all over France, the United States, and Brazil. Xangô received his "Professor" rank in May of 2007 in Paris, France at Contra Mestre Chicote's Festival Passo a Frente.

Mestre Berinjela

Berinjela's life in Capoeira began quite simply by accident. He was studying Wing Chun Kung Fu when he enrolled in film courses in the fall of 1996. One of his classes was a trial by fire exercise in modern day filmmaking. In short he had to make a film, from the drafting of the screenplay to post production editing and sound syncing. He decided to make an action short, but he wanted it to showcase a fighting style that would be very different than that of the traditional punching, blocking and countering seen in the average martial arts movie. He did some research and came across Capoeira. He instantly decided that this is the art that he wanted to showcase in his film. During those days, the only schools readily accessible were either in California or New York. Being that he lived in Detroit at the time and its close proximity to the eastern sea board, he chose to contact a few of the schools in New York. Unfortunately, he couldn't convince anyone to come out and take part in his production, so he decided to learn a few moves and perform the stunt work himself.

His first capoeira class was Saturday September 20, 1996. A dreary, lightly drizzling, overcast sky provided the backdrop for his first experience with the ancient and mysterious art that soon came to be his life's great passion. He trained religiously for a couple of years until the local teacher quit teaching Capoeira. Shortly after that he moved to California and began training with one of Mestre Suassuna's graduated students who lives there. He trained with him directly for four more years and then, with Mestre Suassuna's guidance and blessing, he began to train with another of Mestre Suassuna's graduated students - Contra Mestre Chicote.

Luckily, he had met Contra Mestre Chicote before so they were acquainted with each other. After a series of conversations between Mestre Suassuna, Contra Mestre Chicote, and himself, all arrangements had been made. In April of 2003, he had his first official class as a student of Contra Mestre Chicote. It started at 11pm and went until 3am, and he has never looked back.

Since he started capoeira, he has participated in and trained at events in Mexico, Europe, Canada, and all over Brazil and the United States.

PROFESSOR Cozinheiro

Instrutor Cozinheriro trained for years under Mestre Xara until his passing. He is the Lead Instructor for Cordão de Ouro Los Angeles.


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Mestre Duas Duzias

Mestre Duas Duzias

Mestre Xango

Mestre Xango

Mestre Berinjela

Mestre Berinjela

Professor Cozinheiro

Professor Cozinheiro

Professora Menina

Professora Menina